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24 Hours of Neon By Philip Bloom

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HDR tone mapping timelapse. Bloom’s aim was to create a sense of colour and insanity that Las Vegas gives you. All from his balcony window. The colour is insanity and it is amazing. Sometimes I find it hard to translate the vibrant colour I see in life into design, this video does, and does it well!

The State of The Internet

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This video shows the fast pace growth of the internet, and social media. Many of these numbers may be astonishingly large, but society has become increasingly more dependent on this technology over the past 10 years. Never has there been such a large technological movement that has moved so quickly, and had such a strong effect on the world.

Words, lets be visual

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This video was made by the same people as the one posted below. I think it is great inspiration for designers as it shows how many ways one word can can be displayed visually. It is also an interesting commentary on modern society and social media as all of these video clips were found on youtube. The original content of these video perhaps had nothing to do with what they are being used to display now, whether it is blow, fall, drip. But the ability to share our lives virtually has enabled this group to create a visually interesting and mentally stimulating film on the different ways we has humans use words to describe the visual world.

Symmetry Like You’ve Never Seen it

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I found this video via The Cooper Hewitt Daily. It’s one of those works that pulls you out of your day, out of the stress, the work, everything and reminds you this is life, and its OK just breathe. This life is all we have, the day, the night, the fights, the love. The glass really is half full and no matter how bad it gets, remember it can always get worse! 😉 enjoy

Could You Type on This?

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could you type on this!? See if you can guess all the logos on this social media keyboard. Answers are listed after the jump! Good luck!

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