The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

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Good Night Internet

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Modern version of good night moon, how we all shut down our internet at night.

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24 Hours of Neon By Philip Bloom

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HDR tone mapping timelapse. Bloom’s aim was to create a sense of colour and insanity that Las Vegas gives you. All from his balcony window. The colour is insanity and it is amazing. Sometimes I find it hard to translate the vibrant colour I see in life into design, this video does, and does it well!

The State of The Internet

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This video shows the fast pace growth of the internet, and social media. Many of these numbers may be astonishingly large, but society has become increasingly more dependent on this technology over the past 10 years. Never has there been such a large technological movement that has moved so quickly, and had such a strong effect on the world.

FADER TV: Jason Nocito at Taxter & Spengemann Gallery

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I found this video via booooooom via the shooting gallery. What hit me is that the artist had to get out of his environment, and take sometime to think about what it is that he wanted out of life and out of his work. With such busy lives sometimes its just not enough to turn of digital media and get away for weekend. Currently I am living int U.K. and being from Connecticut, where its ok to where khaki’s and polo shirts everyday, a new environment has helped me open my mind and enabled me to focus on my work. The pressures from my home community are gone, and its OK to be selfish, focus on me. If I want to wander around and take photos of garbage, or study social media, or sit in the park all day, whose going to tell me no? Perhaps this is something others can do just where they are. But removing yourself, reflecting and carrying out your meditations is some worth while creative advice!

MTV – Balloons

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MTV Remember when they played music videos? Apparently they think they still do! In anycase a very cool clip! They should put this on the the air!

To make the film, balloons were fastened onto a 200 meter long rail, and lined up via laser guide. “To achieve a moving picture effect, 10 balloons had to be popped per second, or 600 balloons per minute,” Caldeira says. “It took nearly 24 straight hours to shoot the multiple takes needed.”

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