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Below are images and descriptions of the 5 works I exhibited at my Masters Design Show. Each work is its own declaration on the evolving relationship between technology and the public. Technology as a medium for communication has become an element ingrained in modern society. The aim of my work is to aid the viewer in better understanding their relationship with technology and communication. The viewer should be inspired to reflect upon their own relationship with technology, how it has changed over time, and how our lives have become increasingly dependent new mediums of communication.

No Internet Access Available
This typewriter is meant to create a juxtaposition between old and new technology. The commonly used QWERTY keyboard was designed in the 1870’s to prevent the arms of typewriters from jamming. By moving the frequently used letters away from each other the keys were less likely to stick together. Today we still use this same keyboard system on computers and mobile phones. My typewriter displays a social media logo for each letter of the alphabet and recognizable social media icons on the rest of the keys. This piece is not only an homage to technology gone past, but also an exercise for the mind. We type so often and so much that memory helps our fingers to find the keys. In just a few decades the messages typed on keyboards went from reaching a few people on a piece of paper to having the ability to connect with thousands if not millions of people via the internet. This social media typewriter represents that evolution in technology and communication.

The Charm of Social Media
Living in a society where faith and religion are becoming less and less prevalent it is hard to find something to believe in. My social media jewelry is an expression of how deep rooted and entrenched social media has become in our society. The average university student visits Facebook daily, it has become a ritual like praying or attending church. By comparison, how often does the average university student attend any sort of religious gathering? The new religion is freedom of speech and information, and it’s happening online in social media forums. The charms are meant to commemorate and celebrate the preciousness of the open forums that have been created by social media.

The Best Boyfriend Ever
I have created a graphic image that communicates the loving relationship I share with my MacBook. Technology has become a tool we use to communicate with each other and with the world. Yet, many of us fail to recognize how dependent we have become on devices like laptops and phones. This image conveys how my relationship with my laptop is strangely similar to a boyfriend. Moreover, I find my MacBook to be more reliable than any man I have ever dated.
(Image screen printed in aluminum lascaux)

Conversation Between Sisters
Technology has connected us in ways that have never been possible before. The relationship I maintain with my sister reflected in this book shows the immediateness and impermanence of modern communication. We no longer treasure our conversations, especially those had via digital media. Text messages are as quick and easy to send as they are to delete. We no longer keep a box of correspondence tucked away in our desks, under our beds; we store the reflections of our daily moments electronically, often without thinking, never looking over them again, passed pressing send. My intention is not to simply share these conversations with you, but also to show the ways in which technology has changed communication and relationships.

Open 24 Hours
Social Media never closes. The Neon open 24 hours sign represents social media’s functionality. These forums are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on Christmas and New Years. Social networks that were intended to make interpersonal communication easier have transformed their users into authors of their own media. Through this a public forum has arisen where people receive and respond to information shaping the messages being communicated. Instead, the public and mass media share, and at times challenge each other, on the news and information being given; allowing the masses to no longer be idle consumers but active players in the world of information 24 hours a day.

Social media has given the public a new voice within the media. Recent social networking technology has given individuals the ability to share real time information with the public alongside the traditional proponents of media; giving the individual an unprecedented effectuality and power of authorship on the news being transmitted. For perhaps the first time in history, the public and the media to use the same channels to communicate their messages; offering the world information not only from those who deliver it, but also those who create it.


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