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Occupy Protesters Show Our Need for Freedom Of Technology in the Public Sphere

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Through out history powerful bodies and organizations have been known to skew the media and attempt to change the public’s perceptions of truths. These attempts have become less effective since the birth of social networks. Technology has given people the ability to digitally capture real time events and share them in open forums like this blog. The new public authority on information and news has brought a modern power to social movements throughout the world. The public has been given the authority to report on events taking the power of information away from the before all powerful news networks and governing bodies. These videos taken by protesters, many of them students, at occupy protests in New York and California show the blatant use of pepper spray on peaceful protesters. If these events had taken place 20 years ago the police and other powerful bodies could have tried to flip the story describing events differently, creating their own truth of the events. These videos give a sincere yet disturbing account of how the powerful governing bodies deal with the people uprising. The police may have only been doing wthat they were told, but they cannot deny what has been done. The people saw, the people reported, and the truth cannot be denied. Looks like these police officers got their 15 minutes of fame whether they wanted it or not.

Technology’s Rate of Adoption by The Public

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It has become obvious to me that both the adoption rate of technology and the rate of communication in society are both snowballing. The more technology evolves the quicker it is adapted and with new technology comes faster rates of communication. Technology has given people the power to communicate real time information. This power to share information instantaneously has given the individual a new authorship within media. It’s no longer word of mouth, it’s word of tech. In 2011 we use technology to communicate to our bosses, to pay our bills, to share moments, to reach to family members and to find out news from around the world. Before social media the individual was for the most part a consumer of media, but social media has enabled us all to be authors and journalists in our right. These images help us to realize how fast the world has changed. It took radio 38 years to gain 50 million users and Facebook only 1 to gain millions. I’m not sure what the end result of the relationship between the spread of technology, the increase in users and the decrease in time to takes to communicate will be. Perhaps it just shows how much we have evolved over the past century, maybe it means something more. Although, I’m not sure how much faster technology can get unless we break the time space continuum.

Donald Draper Introducing Facebook Timline

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This clever video is a satire on a marketing campaign for a carousel slide projector presented by Mad Men’s 1960’s marketing guru Don Draper. As the video editor shows here, Draper’s philosophies on consumer’s relationship to “new technology” has an interesting parallel to Facebook’s public appeal. In this clip the Facebook Timeline is presented in place of the carousel. The technology is explained as tool for reflection, like a photo album or diary. Don describes how a product or a brand can be a part of your life, something you experience with friends and family, how a can product create a nostalgia for past times. The video shows how people use technology to relate to the word. Another interesting point in this video is the Timeline itself, showing that that the average person can be an author and source of information by sharing moments in life. This video shows the humanity of technology and I find it truly touching.

Unfortunately, Don is a fictional character.

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Ring Ring Telephone

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I pulled over at a rest stop on 495 in MA coming back from cape cod with my friends, and ended up having an impromptu photo session with the pay phone. I’ve become fascinated with pay phones lately, they are slowly gaining a vintage status. Who needs a quarter and a pay phone when you’ve got a smart phone with check ins? Can you imagine asking for a quarter to call a hot girl from the bar? Hell no, you’d just text a bird. I’d like to use the pay phone as an inspiration towards studying passé technologies. Aesthetically they have many angles and different designs. And functionally they were a viable, necessary part of culture not so long ago. So begins the study of the pay phone.

1 Year Worth Of Skype

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620 pages on A5 paper, a years worth of conversation with my sister.
INTRO: This book is a log of conversations had with my sister via Skype over the past 10 months. My sister Lena lives in West Hartford, Connecticut, USA; a single Mom with 3 kids. I live in Preston, England and am earning my Masters in Graphic Design. The conversations span over six countries: USA, England, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, and France.

I hope to present a diary of these conversations as a reflection of our lives, of our most truthful thoughts and feelings. The topics discussed throughout this book are the type you only share with someone you trust, like a sister. And now I share them with you so you may take from them your own impressions and cast your own judgements.

My intention is not to simply share these conversations with you, but also to show the ways in which technology has changed communication and relationships. Technology has connected us in ways that have never been possible before. The relationship I maintain with my sister via Skype is something new, something amazing. The concept of sharing this conversation with you, is new in itself as well. As a third party, you can extract unedited conversations we shared without a one-side biased re-account of the events. Here you see first hand information and will draw your own conclusions. Judge me if you like.

The accounts in this book reflect the immediateness and impermanence of modern communication. We no longer treasure our conversations, especially those had via digital media. Text messages are as quick and easy to send as they are to delete. We no longer keep a box of correspondence tucked away in our desks, under our beds; we store the reflections of our daily moments electronically, often without thinking, never looking over them again, passed pressing send.

An excerpt from the the book
Rachel 8/17/10 12:10 PM
lenadigenti 8/17/10 12:11 PM
How’s it going?
Rachel 8/17/10 12:11 PM
good mooorning!
lenadigenti 8/17/10 12:12 PM
good morning, what time is there?
Rachel 8/17/10 12:12 PM
good, just relaxin rob went to drive his friend to the airport
but i oppted out.
lenadigenti 8/17/10 12:13 PM
oh but when you get to England it will be 5 hours right?
Rachel 8/17/10 12:13 PM
yah 5 or 6 depending on the time of there year.
lenadigenti 8/17/10 12:14 PM
I fired Katlyn last night
Rachel 8/17/10 12:14 PM
oh no!!!
what happened?
u want to type it or tel me?

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