What is LinkedIn Today?

May 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Linkedin Today seems to be Linkedin’s answer to Google Social Search, its similar to Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon in that it is sharing articles. Linkedin Today connects to twitter enabling users to see what their connections are reading. Google Social Search is more inclusive as it shows any social media connected to your google account, but it is simply a search engine not its own sharing entity. Linkedin Today is yet another example of how the spread of information is changing. People like getting information via ‘word of mouth’ even if that word of mouth is sharing on Twitter. There is something to be said about the personal connection created by reading an article recommended by a pier. An assurance, or an increased level of interest. I think Linkedin Today is special because Linkedin has remained mostly a professional and career orientated social network. It is not so much a network to find friends, but employment and contacts within industries. I think this will keep the content on Linkedin Today fresh and relevant to peoples interests unlike Facebook and Twitter which tend to become cluttered, even if they are tailorable sites.


Social Media Vs. Social Networking

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

I found an article to today on twitter that really hit a nerve. I’d never thought there was a difference between social media and social networking, I’ve just been using the terms interchangeably as I assume most people do. However, David Levine defines these two terms as to different entities. Social media allows anyone to broadcast content that others can discover, share, and comment on, while social networking allows people to connect around shared interests. Both types of software are used as part of broader marketing campaigns and both generally rely on viral marketing to bring in new users and so can grow at exponential rates.

I still feel as though these lines are blurred, but it seems social media is things like youtube, blogging, stumbleupon, digg. Where as social networking are sites more like facebook, myspace, friendster, match.com, linkedin. I am still slightly unsure as to where I would classify twitter. I do follow people based on similar interests, yet I also find myself discovering, sharing and comments on others ideas. And come to think of it you do the same thing on facebook.

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