Social Media: Open 24 Hours

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This neon ‘Open 24 Hours’ sign represents social media’s functionality. It never closes. Social networks forums are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on Christmas and New Years. Social networks that were intended to make interpersonal communication easier have transformed their users into authors of their own media. Through this a public forum has arisen where people receive and respond to information from multiple channels. However, these channels do not define or shape the messages being communicated. Instead, the public and mass media share, and at times challenge each other, on the news and information being given; allowing the masses to no longer be idle consumers but active players in the world of information 24 hours a day.


Class of 2011: If Social Media Were a High School [Infographic]

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Occupy Protesters Show Our Need for Freedom Of Technology in the Public Sphere

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Through out history powerful bodies and organizations have been known to skew the media and attempt to change the public’s perceptions of truths. These attempts have become less effective since the birth of social networks. Technology has given people the ability to digitally capture real time events and share them in open forums like this blog. The new public authority on information and news has brought a modern power to social movements throughout the world. The public has been given the authority to report on events taking the power of information away from the before all powerful news networks and governing bodies. These videos taken by protesters, many of them students, at occupy protests in New York and California show the blatant use of pepper spray on peaceful protesters. If these events had taken place 20 years ago the police and other powerful bodies could have tried to flip the story describing events differently, creating their own truth of the events. These videos give a sincere yet disturbing account of how the powerful governing bodies deal with the people uprising. The police may have only been doing wthat they were told, but they cannot deny what has been done. The people saw, the people reported, and the truth cannot be denied. Looks like these police officers got their 15 minutes of fame whether they wanted it or not.

SMCR Communication Model

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Source. Message. Channel. Receiver.
These are the four basic element of communication. I have redesigned this model to a more modern standard. This is a very linear dissection of communication, but it’s simplicity can be applied throughout all communication, even social media. This model is the basis for the web like communication we live in. Every message starts with a source. Whether the original channel is twitter, a blog, or facebook, there is a person sat behind a screen somewhere that is the origin and source of every message. A single message can travel through social media channels jumping from site to site reaching an innumerable amount of viewers. Each time a receiver re-shares a message they in turn become a source. The message stays the same unless a receiver alters the message with their own opinion. The graphic above is simple yet its linear form helps to imagine what modern communication looks like. A less linear more web like expression would be appropriate to describe our interlinked conversations with many receivers channeling message from many sources.

The Infamous Fuck You Button

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Everyone sees things on Facebook they don’t like. Many of us have been waiting for the dislike button to come out. But I say lets take it one step further and make it a Fuck You button. We all have opinions, lets share them in the best way we can. Liking is passe, there is no real emotion behind it. But Fuck You is a strong opinionated statement, perhaps social media sites should be doing more work to help us express our views through more than just a like button. Commenting is great, but users are often to lazy to go through the effort of writing anything, they want something simple. Just one click. Above are a few design for a Fuck You button that could be incorporated into Facebook.

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