JESS3 Labs The Geosocial Universe 2.0

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

These info graphic depict the ever changing nature of our social universe, in terms of technology at least. 5.3 billion mobile devices are used worldwide — that’s 77% of the world’s population. The fast paced of the internet has led to fast paced changed in the way we relate to information and media. Now most recently it is changing the way we relate to each other. And these changes won’t stop, the internet changes rapidly and often, Jess3 makes a comparison between the internet and our universe in that it is ever changing; stars are born destroyed, galaxies created and torn apart. I believe the immediacy of digital communication has a great deal to do with these changes. It is so easy to type a few words and hit enter and create a correspondence or a conversation. These diagrams are a great way to communicate the magnitude of of social networks; everyone has been effected by this technology whether you chose to take part in it or not. My question remains, How have social media and social networking effected our relationships in 2011?

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