Donald Draper Introducing Facebook Timline

October 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

This clever video is a satire on a marketing campaign for a carousel slide projector presented by Mad Men’s 1960’s marketing guru Don Draper. As the video editor shows here, Draper’s philosophies on consumer’s relationship to “new technology” has an interesting parallel to Facebook’s public appeal. In this clip the Facebook Timeline is presented in place of the carousel. The technology is explained as tool for reflection, like a photo album or diary. Don describes how a product or a brand can be a part of your life, something you experience with friends and family, how a can product create a nostalgia for past times. The video shows how people use technology to relate to the word. Another interesting point in this video is the Timeline itself, showing that that the average person can be an author and source of information by sharing moments in life. This video shows the humanity of technology and I find it truly touching.

Unfortunately, Don is a fictional character.

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Social Media Vs. Social Networking

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I found an article to today on twitter that really hit a nerve. I’d never thought there was a difference between social media and social networking, I’ve just been using the terms interchangeably as I assume most people do. However, David Levine defines these two terms as to different entities. Social media allows anyone to broadcast content that others can discover, share, and comment on, while social networking allows people to connect around shared interests. Both types of software are used as part of broader marketing campaigns and both generally rely on viral marketing to bring in new users and so can grow at exponential rates.

I still feel as though these lines are blurred, but it seems social media is things like youtube, blogging, stumbleupon, digg. Where as social networking are sites more like facebook, myspace, friendster,, linkedin. I am still slightly unsure as to where I would classify twitter. I do follow people based on similar interests, yet I also find myself discovering, sharing and comments on others ideas. And come to think of it you do the same thing on facebook.

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The Best Boyfriend Ever

April 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

We listen to music
We watch movies
We order takeaway
We read the newspaper
We talk on the phone
We visit friends
We see the world
We plan vacations
We make art
We pay our bills
We write letters
We take photographs
We go to work
We go shopping
We make dinner
We go to sleep
We wake up

Always looks me in the eye
Always there for me
Always remembers what I like
Always listens
Always bright
Always supportive

Never leaves me
Never shutsdown
Never yells at me
Never ignores me
Never complains
~By Rachel Hurvitz

The Streets OMG

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Facebook relationship status influencing pop culture in a big way. The idea of finding out someone your seeing is in a relationship from a computer screen is something past generations will never understand. The shock and disconnection you feel from reading news like that on a screen is almost incomparable. Maybe reading the wedding announcement of your true in the newspaper, but I don’t think it was quite the same effect. You can be seeing someone and not know they are seeing someone else, leaving it to facebook to fill you in on the truth. My favorite part of this song is at the end where he realizes the relationship status has been requested to be with him. Good tune!

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