The Charm Of Social Media

December 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

Living in a society where faith and religion are becoming less and less prevalent it is hard to find something to believe in. My social media jewelry is an expression of how deep rooted and entrenched social media has become in our society. The average university student visits Facebook daily, it has become a ritual like praying or attending church. By comparison, how often does the average university student attend any sort of religious gathering? The new religion is freedom of speech and information, and it’s happening online in social media forums. The charms are meant to commemorate and celebrate the preciousness of the open forums that have been created by social media.


The Infamous Fuck You Button

November 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Everyone sees things on Facebook they don’t like. Many of us have been waiting for the dislike button to come out. But I say lets take it one step further and make it a Fuck You button. We all have opinions, lets share them in the best way we can. Liking is passe, there is no real emotion behind it. But Fuck You is a strong opinionated statement, perhaps social media sites should be doing more work to help us express our views through more than just a like button. Commenting is great, but users are often to lazy to go through the effort of writing anything, they want something simple. Just one click. Above are a few design for a Fuck You button that could be incorporated into Facebook.

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