PROTECT The Internet

December 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Facebook and Twitter have become 24 hour open forums where people have the opportunity of receiving as well as giving news and information in real time. We have developed personal relationships with these devices. They have allowed us to connect with one another, for better or worse, with a level of immediacy never before experienced. Information flows from broadband wires, to mobile tower, to satellites and back around, all within seconds.

The public has a new voice within the media. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube allow the average individual to have an active conversation with the media; allowing the consumer of mass media to challenge and have authority over what they deem as acceptable information. Real time communication has allowed, for perhaps the first time in history, the public and media to use the same channels to communicate their messages; offering the world information not only from those who deliver it, but also those who create it. These new American laws could restrict the flow of information through the public sphere infringing on human rights and freedom of speech.


Google Social Search

May 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Google’s new Social Search connects your google account to your other social networks already linked to google. When searching for information it will search all your ‘friends’ or connections for related information they have posted, i.e. a twitter post or flickr photos. This technology has been deemed a loss of privacy by Facebook who is upset about their data being used without their consent. Despite the perhaps unethical nature of this search engine it is a huge push in the realm of person to person connectivity via the internet. Social Search is the first search engine that allows you to see public information posted online by your ‘friends’ via a search engine. It is a revolutionary idea but I question people’s reaction to their ‘loss of privacy’ as facebook has. Yet, conversely if you post something online its fair game, free information. Why wouldn’t you want this shared with your friends and social networks connections, especially if they are searching for something you have first hand experience with?

I think Google Social Search will do big things. People are already used to getting their news headlines from Facebook and Twitter, why wouldn’t we want the rest of our information coming from a trusted source, a person within our social network. The internet can be a big scary place and often search engines can be frustrating. It is up to the user to determine if the information they are reading is valid and from a trusted source. Google Search in essence is an immediate validation for the user that what they are reading is trustworthy because it has been recommended by a ‘friend.’

I tried to use Google Search this morning, I have over 800 facebook friends and almost 1,000 people linked to my twitter account and I didn’t see any ‘friend’ recommended stories. I suppose time will tell!

Video via mashable

Mozilla F1 Share Button

April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Mozilla has created an easy sharing system that can used on any website, by simply pressing the F1 key on your keyboard. There is no need to rely on the website to have share buttons, or to spend time copying and pasting to your preferred social medium. This idea is extremely innovative and just one more step on how people can connect and share information online.

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