The Charm Of Social Media

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Living in a society where faith and religion are becoming less and less prevalent it is hard to find something to believe in. My social media jewelry is an expression of how deep rooted and entrenched social media has become in our society. The average university student visits Facebook daily, it has become a ritual like praying or attending church. By comparison, how often does the average university student attend any sort of religious gathering? The new religion is freedom of speech and information, and it’s happening online in social media forums. The charms are meant to commemorate and celebrate the preciousness of the open forums that have been created by social media.


PROTECT The Internet

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Facebook and Twitter have become 24 hour open forums where people have the opportunity of receiving as well as giving news and information in real time. We have developed personal relationships with these devices. They have allowed us to connect with one another, for better or worse, with a level of immediacy never before experienced. Information flows from broadband wires, to mobile tower, to satellites and back around, all within seconds.

The public has a new voice within the media. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube allow the average individual to have an active conversation with the media; allowing the consumer of mass media to challenge and have authority over what they deem as acceptable information. Real time communication has allowed, for perhaps the first time in history, the public and media to use the same channels to communicate their messages; offering the world information not only from those who deliver it, but also those who create it. These new American laws could restrict the flow of information through the public sphere infringing on human rights and freedom of speech.

Contemporary Social Media Jewelry Research

November 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve been playing around with the idea that social media is like a new religion for my generation. Growing up nonreligious I never went to church, prayed, or thanked the lord. I did however, have a computer in my house for as long as I can remember. From about the age I could see over a table I was booting up dos and typing in passwords and codes. As a child I spent Sundays in my pj’s playing games on the computer and eventually made my way to AOL chat rooms and surfing the web. I’ve begun to think about the way religion is symbolized in our daily lives. One of the main themes I’ve found is jewelry. People adorn their bodies with crucifixes displayed on bracelets, rosary beads, and necklaces. Jewelery often symbolizes things, ideas, and people that we are close to us. Lockets are worn with pictures of people we love. We keep charm bracelets that can display gifts from many people to remind us of the ones we love. My hope is to create a jewelry line using symbols of social media to represent our closeness to social media. Facebook and Twitter may not be new religions, but they are an unbiased forum for people to share thoughts, ideas, and moments in life. Social media forums do not exist in the physical form of a building. My hope is that this jewelery will represent the preciousness of our new found communication. Below are some pieces I have found for inspiration.

(images from )

I have been influenced by Tatty Devine, a London jewelry company that uses perspex to create contemporary charms for their jewelry line. I like the idea of using perspex because it comes in many colors and there are few limitations to the form. Also, I can cut the designs perfectly using a laser cutter in the university workshop. Below are a few pieces from the Tatty Devine website. Stay tuned to see my finished designs, you just might be able to them soon!

The TwitteRing

The Infamous Fuck You Button

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Everyone sees things on Facebook they don’t like. Many of us have been waiting for the dislike button to come out. But I say lets take it one step further and make it a Fuck You button. We all have opinions, lets share them in the best way we can. Liking is passe, there is no real emotion behind it. But Fuck You is a strong opinionated statement, perhaps social media sites should be doing more work to help us express our views through more than just a like button. Commenting is great, but users are often to lazy to go through the effort of writing anything, they want something simple. Just one click. Above are a few design for a Fuck You button that could be incorporated into Facebook.

Technology’s Rate of Adoption by The Public

October 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

It has become obvious to me that both the adoption rate of technology and the rate of communication in society are both snowballing. The more technology evolves the quicker it is adapted and with new technology comes faster rates of communication. Technology has given people the power to communicate real time information. This power to share information instantaneously has given the individual a new authorship within media. It’s no longer word of mouth, it’s word of tech. In 2011 we use technology to communicate to our bosses, to pay our bills, to share moments, to reach to family members and to find out news from around the world. Before social media the individual was for the most part a consumer of media, but social media has enabled us all to be authors and journalists in our right. These images help us to realize how fast the world has changed. It took radio 38 years to gain 50 million users and Facebook only 1 to gain millions. I’m not sure what the end result of the relationship between the spread of technology, the increase in users and the decrease in time to takes to communicate will be. Perhaps it just shows how much we have evolved over the past century, maybe it means something more. Although, I’m not sure how much faster technology can get unless we break the time space continuum.

In The Future Everyone Will Be World Famous For 15 Minutes.

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While researching the evolution of technology and its role in communication I stumbled upon an NPR podcast, Warhol Was Right About ’15 Minutes Of Fame’ discussing how social media has seen Andy Warhol’s vision of fame realized. Warhol said that, “In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes,” while this is a well known quote many have struggled to decipher exactly what he meant by this. I don’t think the 1960’s Pop artist was by any means a prophet or a time traveler, but I do think that he saw something about American culture and consumerism that most people were too close to see. Warhol saw that everything around us is manufactured and made to be consumed, even the news. Warhol also realized the vanity of people and how this vanity and need to feel important in the world fed largely into consumerism. Many people felt he made a mockery of the art scene by presenting commercial illustrations as art. What many people still don’t understand is that by doing this Warhol was able to create a visual conversation on manufacturing. Warhol saw the idea of ‘celebrity’ as a not only manufactured product, but also something everyone desired.

Warhol used images of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Campbell’s Soup and electric chairs to celebrate the celebrity and how it is consumed. Warhol’s statement “In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes,” has come true because of social media. Social media has given the public authorship and power in the media. The general public no longer has to sit back and simply consume news and information, we now have the ability to be not just a part of the flow of news and information but also a source.

Warhol said in his book From A to B & Back Again: The Philosophy of Andy Warhol
“I’m confused about who the news belongs to. I always have it in my head that if you name’s in the news, then the news should be paying you. Because it’s your news and they’re taking it and selling it as their product. But then they always say they’re helping you. And that’s true too, but still, if people didn’t give the news their news and if everybody kept their news to themselves, the news wouldn’t have any news. So I guess you should pay each other. But I haven’t figured it out fully yet.”

Social media gives people to a forum to share their news and to be famous in their own right for 15 minutes. I have been working on away to visually communicate how this idea. A way to say Warhol was right, everyone does have their 15 minutes of Fame and it’s come true on Facebook. I liked the idea of incorporating the Marilyn Monroe image, because I think its recognizable as a piece of Andy Warhol’s work and as Marilyn the celebrity. I hope using this image will make people think of Warhol’s philosophies of consumption and celebrity. I then thought to use Facebook avatar before you upload a profile picture to show that through Facebook Warhol’s prophecy has come true. The avatar representing that it can be anyone. I’ve made a few pieces but my problem currently is that although almost everyone my age is on Facebook the profile avatar isn’t really very recognizable. I’m not sure if this makes my idea more interesting, because it shows how much Facebook has permeated out culture, almost like we’re so close and involved with it that we can’t see our way out.

Warhol’s Marylin

Here Are my first few attempts.
profile pic

large high resolution

profile picture

My thought was to recreate Andy Warhol’s Marilyn through screen printing it with the Facebook Avatars on top. However, after consulting with the screen printing studio I’ve decided that would be too tricky and time consuming. My next idea was to print the image of Marilyn onto canvas and then simply screen print the Facebook avatar on top. I ran in trouble though because I couldn’t find the 3×3 image I had been using in high resolution, not good for printing. After some thought and looking through some more of Warhol’s pieces I’m wondering if it’s really necessary to use repetitive imagery. I’m trying to deconstruct this piece down to its simplest forms to best communicate my message of how anyone can have their Marilyn 15 minutes of fame on facebook. This is the next round I’ve done.

marilyn monroe warhol

The last piece, which I made yesterday, I think I like the best. It appears that Marilyn is fitting into the Facebook image, like a puzzle. I want it to look like anyone can fit into this space which why I left the white sliver. I’m not sure if it’s there yet. But I kinda of like that people can’t recognize the Facebook Avatar at fist, its like the arrow in the FedEx logo, at first you don’t notice it, but then that’s all you can see. Any thoughts, comments are welcome!

Good Night Internet

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Modern version of good night moon, how we all shut down our internet at night.

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