About This Chick

My name is Rachel Rose Hurvitz. I am a designer, and student currently working on my masters in graphic design at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. Its been a long time comin and a long road traveled, but I’m hoping I’ve figured out just what the hell I want to do with my life. My design MA is mostly research based so its gives me the opportunity to look into an area of design and try to find some new and interesting thoughts. I’ve always had an affinity for color, especially bright ones! Anyone will tell you I am the definition of an 80’s child. Some how or another I’m pretty sure the memphis movement was imprinted on my brain as a small child, perhaps it was too much MTV with my big sis growing up. Give me pink, and give me black, and give me some big abstracts, might as well add add a touch of neon and I am one happy girl 😉 … It took me a while to figure out this design style wasn’t always the best solution. But thanks to some helping hands along the way I’ve learned how to tone it down and design for the client and audience.

But aaanyways, this blog. This blog is a documentation, or rather a reflective diary/ inspiration wall for my research. It started with a plan to research how color preferences and trends have been effected been by the highs and lows of the economy. Are people more attracted to yellow during an economic prosperity and scared of pink during a recession? That all seemed well and good, but in the end after four months of research I became disenchanted, and started to hate color… a bad thing when we live in a wold full of it.

I moved onto another un-ignorable. Social media. How we use technology and how it has helped shape and change our relationships. It is with out a doubt that the internet has changed the way we connect to information and media, but most recently its changed the way we connect to each other. I hope to explore, define and discuss different way in which technology and social media have impacted our our social lives. Not necessarily picking apart the good and the bad, but more making a commentary on things most of us see everyday and take for granted. I hope you enjoy!

oh yah, and check me out on twitter ! http://twitter.com/RHurv#
and my personal blog  http://rachelhurvitz.wordpress.com/


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