Social Media: Open 24 Hours

December 6, 2011 § 6 Comments

This neon ‘Open 24 Hours’ sign represents social media’s functionality. It never closes. Social networks forums are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on Christmas and New Years. Social networks that were intended to make interpersonal communication easier have transformed their users into authors of their own media. Through this a public forum has arisen where people receive and respond to information from multiple channels. However, these channels do not define or shape the messages being communicated. Instead, the public and mass media share, and at times challenge each other, on the news and information being given; allowing the masses to no longer be idle consumers but active players in the world of information 24 hours a day.


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§ 6 Responses to Social Media: Open 24 Hours

  • nur3k says:

    yeah and possibly that means 24/7 censorship, if things go in a direction they may be going…
    Governments have realized, they don’t control media(thx 2 social) any more. Are they going to let that happen?

    • I agree that censorship is a huge issue for social media and the internet as a whole. Watching the internet get shutdown during the Arab Spring and listening to David Cameron contemplate shutting down social media sites during times of civil unrest was appalling to watch. But I think this reaction by governments is an affirmation of how powerful these forums are to the public. For the first time in history the public has been given a voice that is heard and shows real time results! If anything I’d say 2011 was the realization of the power social media holds. Hopefully governments will see censorship is not the answer and that these mediums are a necessary part of modern society. Knowledge is power!

  • Open 24/7, yes. But sometimes as empty as an all-night drugstore at 3 AM. If to connect with the widest possible audience in these new channels is the aim, the art, science or technique of proper timing is elusive. Often, one gets the feeling of the sound of one-hand clapping.

    • Well I suppose you’d have to go by the old saying “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” Just because the people in your timezone are sleeping else where in the world people are hustling and bustling! I do know what you mean… sometimes it’s hard to get a conversation going during the wee hours of the morning. But, just because they’re aren’t a ton of people online when you post doesn’t mean it won’t get read later.

  • OK, point well taken. But the issue may not only be a question of time zone but also of timeline. Being heard may be not so much a function of timing as it is of territory, i.e. how large is one’s “social network” or how much reach does one’s tweet or fb post really have? It evokes the converse of O.W. Holmes’s metaphor of “shouting fire in a crowded theater,” that sometimes one can get the feeling that the theater is empty. Or in terms of being “active players in the world of information 24 hours a day,” that one’s playing field is not really the globe, but the island of Bimini.

  • nur3k says:

    true, and many of the publishers from different time zones sometimes reschedule their contents publish, so it gets more attention

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