Tim Searle Animator – I Am Not An Animal

March 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tim Searle opened his lecture on animation by stating, “Animation. I love it so, but there is an easier way to make a living” (Tim, S. 2011). Of course as artists we all must know that the career we’ve chosen isn’t always the most lucrative, but as an artist/designer this is a choice you have to make, to follow your passion. Sometimes the money comes and sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s the love for our work that keeps us going.

Tim Searle has created some well-known works such as: Have I got News for you, George Michael’s music video: Shoot the Dog, I am not an Animal and 2D TV with Baby Cow Productions. One of the aspects I enjoyed about Searle’s lecture is he shared a good deal of his personal design theory. I found this point lacking in many of the other lectures.

Searle discussed that he follows the theory ‘less is more’ something, which I earnestly try to apply to my work. Too much clutter, too many ideas can confuse the message. I believe more solid communication can often be achieved with a minimalist attitude.

Another point I found incredibly interesting was the quote, “In order to be universal you have to be really specific,” Yiddish Author nobel peace prizewinner, (Tim, S. 2011). I found this concept incredibly striking and true not just to animation, but all design. As a graphic designer we create a visual language by communicating ideas through image and form. In order for design to be successful it must reach people by communicating an idea. To be specific is to be universal; therefore, the more specific and clear your visual language, the more people will understand. When I create a design I want people to understand. As a designer we hope to reach the masses, the universal with a specific idea, thus creating successful design. This philosophy also relates to Searle’s discussion on viral videos. Searle pointed out that viral video’s not only take time and craft, but they also must reach people, be something people can connect to (Tim, S. 2011). For myself, connection to my audience is very important, again specific reaching universal. I hope to carry this design philosophy into my own work.

Tim, S. (2011). Animation [Lecture] DE2011. University of Central Lancashire, Design, Art and Performance, Preston Lancashire, Brook building, Room 113, 11th February.


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