Addicted to Facebook

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Despite the benefits of social media for both consumers and brands, there are some down falls to these social sites. I remember when facebook first hit the internet, I was attending Drew University in New Jersey, and we were one of the first 10 Universities to be added to “The Facebook” as it was called them. It was the winter of 2004 and my friends and I sat in our dorm room searching through picture of everyone in school, wondering how did I end up on this site? How did they get my picture on here. Its hard to remember what the site looked like back then, but as I recall it was very simple, just names, photos and pictures with the option to edit your info. At that time I don’t think anyone would have imagined facebook would take over the world. But 7 years later I am living in England, working on my Masters in design and I have almost 800 friends on facebook. It has become my connection to the world, a connections to friends, acquaintances and family that I could have lost contact with if it weren’t for this site. All positive things. But for some reason this need for connection to others seems to have turned into a sort of drug. People saying things like ‘Facebook is like crack’ or ‘I need to check my facebook’ or ‘everytime I go online I accidentally type facebook in as the web address’. I’m not sure if its just the simple human need for a connection to others, or if immediate user gratification is taking over. But either way, I am a facebook addict.


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