Go Invent Something

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

This quote really inspires me. Lately I’ve been thinking I might be a little bit off my rocker, I mean who spends their masters studying colors? Something one of my sister friend’s questioned her with lately, also adding that he hoped ‘his tax dollars weren’t paying this’. And no, don’t worry your tax dollars are not paying for me study graphic design in England. But I think I have to go out there and give it a shot. If you feel something is true, go out there and prove it, and let them tell you your wrong, stupid, or crazy; because or are ‘they’ anyways? My whole life I’ve always felt there’s a pattern to things. Everything’s cyclical or at the very least inspired by the past, art, music, design, fashion even the economy. I’ve recently decided wtf not try to prove it.

Given the opportunity to do an 18 month research project I am determined to find out if there are trends in the colors that people are attracted to. I plan to research societies color preference on a socio-economic basis. By comparing the economic climate to color trends during specific time periods, I plan to compare and contrast these color trends in hopes of finding a pattern or at least a relationship between the economic climate and color trends.


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