Color Harmony, Or Is It?

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for myself!

Kenneth E. Burchett, A Bibliographical History of the Study and Use of Color Form Aristotle to Kandinksy. This book is amazing, but its definitely one of those get your thesaurus out because your going to need it for every other sentence! Another great quote I found in here is, “The Intellectual challenge of color still is in how a subject so wholly complex in its substance can appear to be so absolutely simple.” Your telling me Kenneth! I find it hard to grasp how something so inclusive of our everyday lives, just exists and no one, is completely sure of the rhyme or reason behind it. As said above in music there are rhythms, beats, an exact harmony, a science almost, but in color it is up to the artist to the determine color harmony as they see fit, and anyone can chose to agree or disagree based on they’re on taste and experience. Burchett also astutely points out that throughout history each time rules of color were set, they were then broken. Thus sending us into a new level of consciousness in color design. I suppose it is the nature of an artist to reject theories and principles, and just express… Just another supporting fact towards my artistic lifestyle I suppose.


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