The Marshall Building

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was given a brief to develop a framework to cover back of this really horrible 1970’s construction. The Marshall Building, is located on the Ringway, which in most cases goes around the outside of they city, but here in Preston it cuts right through the middle. Thus, exposing the boring drab side of this risk assessment office building. I’ve tried to create something that the Preston City Council would find beneficial to the city while also bringing some light and color to the the sky line.

Preston is actually the newest city in England and something the people here are quite proud of. Preston is also home too a great history of guilds. “King Henry II granted Preston the right to have a Guild Merchant in 1179, when he gave the town its first royal charter. The Guild was an organisation of traders, craftsmen and merchants. It had a monopoly of trade in the town: only its members could carry on a craft or business. Newcomers could only trade here with the permission of the Guild, and such approval was not given lightly.” I’ve tried to create a play on words here while also creating the illusion of a clear blue sky.


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